Business Breakfast held in Prague

Business Breakfast held in Prague

On Wednesday, June 14th, our Czech START2ACT partner ENVIROS held another business breakfast in Prague where information and an individual energy efficiency solutions - measures suitable for young SME’s and startups that do not cost much and help save on the energy bill - were presented.

With the support of the European Union within the START2ACT project, the possibility of low- and no-cost measures as well as practical examples to be implemented was discussed. Our experts also showed young entrepreneurs how to gain competitive advantages while being energy efficient.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend another workshop in the Czech Republic or any of the START2ACT countries!

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More events to follow across Europe are organised partners of the START2ACT consortium.


Tip of the day
Some solutions for going energy efficient: Convert to cloud computing, Maintain your HVAC system, Switch to smart lighting and Invest in Energy Star technology

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