Meet TroGo, our November Challenge winner!

Meet TroGo, our November Challenge winner!


During winter 2018/2019, we are holding our START2ACT energy saving challenge. This competition asks small businesses to show us how they reduce energy use.

The winner of our monthly prize draw from November 2018 was TroGo from Romania. TroGo provides ecological and social value by reducing GHG emissions, energy and traffic congestion in urban zones through electric scooter smart mobility systems.



We got in touch with Corina Moraru from TroGo to find out what motivated them to enter the Energy Saving Challenge:

How did you hear about the START2ACT Energy Saving Challenge?

“We found out about Start2Act Challenge from the FutureMakers team. We were one of the finalist in the FutureMakers competition with an idea of a sustainable mobility urban system based on electric scooters.”

How did you think of your energy-saving solutions?

“We were attending Pioneers into Practice trainings and workshops organized by Climate KIC. By being sensitized on the importance of protecting the environment, we were searching for the most appropriate scooters for our idea. We found out about KERS system, which are incorporated in some type of scooters, and we decided to use them in our project.

What motivates you to save energy at work?

“My personal motivation are my children. I am wishing a healthy and beautiful environment for the future generation.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Our future plans are related to further developing the electric scooter sharing system and to raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection. We also have another project related to people's education and to facilitating environmental protection. We will apply to the Climate KIC accelerator with those ideas, and we hope we will be able to achieve important advances in our development.”

TroGo is the winner of a Bamboustics green speaker and an energy saving starter pack for its entry to the START2ACT Energy Saving Challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition and to those who spread the word. We hope you all are enjoying the challenge!

Good news – you could be the winner of the next prize draws!

Until the end of the challenge, we will have two more prize draws for two Bamboustics speakers and will award one smart Energomonitor to the best entry of the entire challenge.

If you’re interested in energy saving but you’re not sure where to start, visit our Knowledge Base for top tips, complete the E-learning modules or post a question on the START2ACT forum.



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