EUSEW 2018 comes to START2ACT!

EUSEW 2018 comes to START2ACT!

START2ACT is currently having its Energy Days going on throughout the entire month, in Budapest!

The core activity of the START2ACT Energy Days consists of on-site energy efficiency trainings for young SMEs. These activities are part of a series of 3 free-of-charge training units: START2ACT energy expert trainers will visit SMEs and offer tailor-made trainings.

The maximum impact can be easily reached, with our experts giving comprehensive feedback and supporting the companies with the START2ACT interactive online platform, which features a comprehensive knowledge base and e-learning sessions.

Interested in participating? Contact us!

On-site consultancy is also available in 7 other countries throughout Europe! Contact your local partners for more information.

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Tip of the day
Set computers to auto sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. Sleep/hibernate mode in computers uses very little energy and is now very quick to come out of.

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