Promoting START2ACT at the World Sustainable Energy Days

Promoting START2ACT at the World Sustainable Energy Days

The World Sustainable Energy Days is a widely known, prestigious conference that is being held on an annual basis in the small village of Wels in Austria.

The event gathered over 600 representatives from global to national and local-level energy companies  and public agencies who are all concerned with energy efficient production, research and policy-making.

START2ACT had the honour to be part of this convention and to showcase the importance of including the youngest market players in the energy efficiency transition!

First of all, we had a project presentation that highlighted the key findings of our baseline survey, our consultancy activities and a future outlook. Visitors could directly engage with the START2ACT team members and ask about our progress and prospects. A large amount of START2ACT stickers and thermometers found a new home, therefore we expect various companies to become significantly more energy conscious in the near future!

START2ACT exhibition stand

Secondly, START2ACT could secure a slot at the Technology Innovations: Energy and Buildings session to hold a short presentation about the project in front of approximately 100 people. This way, the audience could learn about our impacts and activities.

START2ACT presentation

The programme offered additional opportunities for peer-to-peer dissemination and networking, further spreading the word about START2ACT.

The WSED is a high-level event that allows for in-depth exporation of future energy efficiency trends in Europe and around the globe. We could learn about best practices and the course of future policymaking from the European Commission. While much attention has been paid to technological advances and regulations, there was a significantly smaller focus on the human factor of energy efficiency. Therefore, START2ACT tackles the energy transition in a slightly neglected but nevertheless key area: the mindset of people!

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