The first full START2ACT E-learning Module is launched!

The first full START2ACT E-learning Module is launched!

 Gain new knowledge on energy efficiency in the office and earn your START2ACT certificate!


Are you an employee or a manager at an SME or start-up? Are you struggling to keep your energy consumption and energy bills low, while maintaining comfortable temperature for everyone?

We have developed a unique and tailored E-learning environment targeting people working at SMEs and start-ups, with Geonardo’s office as an example, in order to teach you how you can be energy efficient at work and at home. 

The START2ACT E-learning was developed by our experts using their comprehensive knowledge and experience on energy saving practices in the office and at home. The E-learning is divided into three modules.

The first Module on Energy Efficiency at the Workplace has been recently launched.

What is the first START2ACT E-learning module about?

  • Save on lighting – based on our expert tips, you will learn how to benefit from natural lighting during the working days and how to effectively (re)arrange the office furniture and use the equipment in order to maximize the use of natural light.
    No more working in the poorly lit or overly bright rooms


  • Save on heating and cooling –we will provide suggestions how to upgrade the office heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and how to use it in an energy efficient way ensuring comfort for all employees.
    Comfortable temperature for everyone in the office will become an attainable goal!


  • Save on office equipment and other appliances – START2ACT experts will share knowledge how to reduce the energy consumption generated by office equipment and other appliances.
    Energy wasting practices can be abandoned!


After you complete the chapters of the module, don’t forget to take the quiz to assess your acquired knowledge on reducing energy consumption at work through behavioural change. If you pass the quiz threshold, you will receive a START2ACT E-learning Certificate.


Register here and START2ACT!


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Love laptops. Get a laptop instead of a desktop – it consumesfive times less electricity.

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