START2ACT at the PowerUp MeetUp by InnoEnergy!

START2ACT at the PowerUp MeetUp by InnoEnergy!

STAR2ACT is continuously promoting its mission by regularly visiting events to spread the message about our upcoming trainings and support activities. This time, Geonardo went to a special MeetUp at the Loffice incubator on the 30th of August 2017 in Budapest to learn about the economic potential and future trends of startups in the energy field.

Providing exclusive insider information on the energy-related startup field, the event gathered university students, fresh entrepreneurs and investors interested in both the status of the startup ecosystem as well as in the special InnoEnergy competition for aspiring start-ups. During the networking session, START2ACT could directly promote its training activities among the participants.

The three well-informed guest speakers (Zsolt Kovács from Enterprise Hungary; Ákos Dervalics from InnoEnergy; Zoltán Fischer from a Hungarian startup called “Leap”) confirmed how important the energy sector has become due to the increasing demand for renewable energy sources, electric cars and the rise of smart and interconnected citie

They further shared invaluable tips on how to attract investors for an idea, stressing the importance of performing memorable pitches at international startup competitions such as the PowerUp! Competition by InnoEnergy. Leap, the Hungarian startup which invented a 15-minutes washing machine, has been able to claim recognition and funding by getting into the finals of the last year’s edition of the aforementioned competition.

It became apparent from the event that the energy sector is a promising field for innovations, therefore underscoring the necessity for the promotion of the final products of successful startups.

Furthermore, as Zoltán Fischer has stated, startups with green products tend to be more environmentally conscious. This would render them potential ambassadors of a green office culture.

START2ACT is devoted to support those ideas that help SMEs and startups from various backgrounds to learn about and eventually utilize the state-of-the-art products startups in the energy efficiency field have to offer.

Within the framework of the START2ACT project, we are looking forward to get in contact with startups in the energy field to learn more about their specific product, service, innovation or solution to everyday problems on energy efficiency.

If you are interested in presenting your innovation(s) at one of our training sessions or online to a large network of SMEs and startups from all economic fields, across our 10 EU target countries, then please send us a message on or social media (Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn).

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